Part 19 : Using Command Prompt Interface in Microsoft Family OS

DOS കമാൻഡ് കളുടെ ക്ലാസ്സ്‌ തുടരുന്നു

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6 thoughts on “Part 19 : Using Command Prompt Interface in Microsoft Family OS


    Dear sir,
    Innu oru sambavam undayi.kayamkulathulla oru companiyile computer complaint aayi,avar avide ulla techniciansine kanichu but data recover cheyan patilanu paranju lastil enganeyo ente kyil vannu pettu….w7 aanu mode kanich off akukaya…jnan pala CD boot os vechu Keri noki but avarude data kidakuna folder not assessable ,action denied ennu kanikukaya…..lastil entho manasil DOS vechu paniyam ennu thonni……dir,cd,xcopy ……enthayalum datas full recover cheythu…w7 cheythu OK Aaki……..thanks sir ……eee credit sir thanneya…..thanks….

  2. BYJU

    Shyam Sir.. I donnow how to say thanks .. EXCELLENT Teaching Skills Sir, and You are really an Encyclopedia too in COMPUTER Knowledge
    COVID outbreak has given me a bad time ,,But your CLASS has given me CONFIDENCE .. im studying your Classes daily..I wanna be a HARDWARE Technician and software professional too soon

    My First renumeration from COMPUTER SERVICE will be yours Sir ,,as my ” GURU DAKSHINA”
    Thank you so much Sir for the EXTRA ORDINARY ,WELL Explained , CLASS

  3. DrBYJU

    Sir PLease send me the PDF File of COMPLETE DOS COMMANDS ,ihave Subscribed via Email


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